New Thought Jazz Radio Interview

New Thought Jazz Radio Interview.

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Are We Healthy Whole and Complete Without A “God”?


Whole-ness, What Is It?

If we are healthy whole and complete is there a further need for a God concept? Is “God”  a timeless fear based creation by man/woman? Fear in the sense of feeling scared alone and needy? As you can clearly see there are question marks after each sentence. In other words the questions are rhetorical.

{A} faith is a security blanket or a feeling as though one “never walks alone”.  In some way man seeks an anthropomorphic entity from a somewhere embossed image for security purposes. Fear.

The variant “God” concept, reinforces the shadow of vulnerability . We on some level need some thing to cling to else we may fall deeply into an abyss. Notice I used the word “fall” ( which is one of the primary fears). I will not qualify my status. I don’t feel I need to as I may be in and of myself healthy whole and complete.